Why Ejaanch Fluency Assessment Is The Test For You



Candidates are scored only on what they say based on substantial number of responses.

Globally Recognised & Unbiased Scoring

Evaluation methodology is based on IELTS and PTE guidelines and checks for critical errors.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Improve hiring by identifying right fit

4x increase
In reach

Evaluate 1000’s of candidates at scale. Suitable for mass hiring

Flexible testing &
Fast result

Candidates can take test anytime, anywhere using mobile/laptop and get instant report.

Hire Candidates With Proficiency In English Language Using Our Fluency Assessment

Our assessment solutions can help you measure the skills of candidates applying for job roles, including sales, marketing, customer service, business development, BP, hospitality etc. It is crucial for professionals working in these fields to have strong communication skills that can help them understand and collect information, write business emails/proposals/reports, and communicate with various stakeholders.