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Be Confident !!! Hire Fast & Best with Ejaanch

Domain Knowledge

Candidates who have cleared ejaanch Domain Knowledge Assessments have a higher chance of Getting a job Offer 3X-5X

Singular Platform

All in one single plateform increases Hiring speed ( Domain / Communication / Behavioural )

Soft Skill Assessment

Save time by Judging Candidates on comm Skill Via Video Assessments 20x - 25x

Cultural Fit

Culturally Fit Candidates show a better commitment to the company and hence reduces attrition rate

Campus Connect

Expand Your Presence - Connect with Campuses through ejaanch ,ejaanch delivers an end-to-end one stop solution for campus hiring,ensuring best hires year on year and a great employer branding.

Lateral Hiring

Hire Best & Fast- Leverage the AI driven Pre-Hiring Assessments to evaluate the capabilities and effectiveness of a candidate to perform the job, while doing away with the biases and errors. Select from an array of pre-hiring online tests to screen, shortlist and recruit the right fit, saving the overall hiring time, effort and cost.

Learning & Development Certification

Identify Learning & Training Needs - Help create a roadmap for improving performance of your employees .Map & Gauge the skill/behavioural competency gap , identify the future - readiness , and plan the developmental steps for your workforce.

Feedback & Surveys

Conduct 360° Feedback and Real time surveys - Gain a holistic view on your employees. Steer the performance appraisal reviews supported with rich insights, carve-out the development steps for professional and personal growth of the employees and act on the right career growth plan using ejaanch highly customised and easy to make feedback & Survey assessments..

Identifying Top Talents- Just got a lot easier with Ejaanch


Create assessments automatically in a few clicks based on skills, job descriptions or role.


Send automated emails via platform or share direct link.


Set cut-off scores and quickly identify the top performers on the leaderboard


Hire the best by scheduling live video interviews.

Suitable For

Accounting & Finance




Human Resources

Public Sector


IT & Technology


Customer Service