Over 80 compilers

Measure programming skills effectively with our online coding tests.

With EJAANCH, you can access 80+ compilers of all the most popular programming languagesto validate skills instantly. Choose from our library of coding assessments and improve your candidate experience with an online real-time coding interview tool.

Automated IT skills assessment

Our technology makes it possible to test the coding skills of your candidates automatically and online.

Whether you’re looking for developers fresh out of college or senior software engineers, you can use ejaanch to screen and assess candidates on different level of Mastery .

Powerful reports

Each submission generates a full performance report, which characterizes the program's performance in all the testcases and information about the usage of processor time, memory, and any potential errors.

The system supports the real-time ranking of many users, automatically generating lists of top scorers.

Effortless Screening

EJAANCH proprietary scoring system takes the guesswork out of technical recruiting. Submissions are validated and scored instantly, allowing you to find the very best developers.

Filter developers by location, education, experience and employment status, as well as code elegance, speed, and memory usage.

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